About Us

Raft 19 & its founders

Learn more about Raft 19, its philosophy, values, characteristics... and how it came to life.
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Our Founders


Our Chef

His philosophy is as easy as it is straightforward– he selects the best fresh local ingredients and simply serves them with tradition and flair.

In case you ask what’s going to be served next week, he will tell you it’s whatever nature and the local markets provide for a constantly evolving menu!


Our Manager

With her in-house training from coffee to wine knowledge as well as the ingredients in each dish and its cooking, Doro will ensure an authentic and contemporary dining experience.


She and the RAFT19 Team are serving with a casual approach those who enjoy the pure pleasure of food and wine.

About Raft 19 Bistro

Based in the beautiful bay of Cala Gamba
our Bistro Raft19 is located directly at the seafront with a stunning view over the Port of Club Nautico. ​

Our mission is to serve food that people like to eat including a frequent rotation of grilled dishes and an unprecedented variety of sides. 

Why a bistro?

By definition, a bistro is a small, casual eating establishment known for serving hearty dishes, simple fare along with wine.

Murray creates the menus at Raft19 Bistro out of an appreciation for the ever changing seasons. As new ingredients become available, dishes take new shape and evolve into simple clean flavours and honest tasty food from fresh local produce.


We pair our integrity in the kitchen with relaxed, non-pretentious service to provide our guests with moments that last a life time. 

We keep it real and casual, doing our best to provide exceptional food and service.​